Hesitant About an AOS Membership? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Time to get an AOS membership

Find out how an AOS membership can give you the support you need to start offering orthodontics.  General dentistry and orthodontics have an exceptional synergy that allows practices to grow and better serve their patients. Many general dentists are expanding their treatment options with help from the American Orthodontic Society (AOS).  If you’re considering an…

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Do AOS Orthodontics Courses Prepare You To Deal With Every Orthodontic Case?

AOS orthodontic courses

Which AOS orthodontics courses will help you reach your orthodontic practice goals? General and pediatric dentists can take advantage of AOS orthodontic courses to offer various orthodontic treatment options at their practices. How many types of orthodontic cases can these courses prepare you for? That depends on which of our ortho courses for general dentists…

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3 Top Benefits of Our Intermediate Orthodontics Courses

Intermediate orthodontics courses

Many dentists feel like they are on cloud 9 when they are on their orthodontic course journey. This is because of all the benefits that come with offering orthodontics: less physical dentistry, providing more comprehensive treatment for patients, and of course, boosting your production numbers. For dentists who took the beginner orthodontic courses with the…

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Pros and Cons of Our Onsite vs. Online Orthodontic CE Courses

Onsite vs. online orthodontic courses

Choose the right orthodontics course for your needs.  Today, many general dentists are pursuing continuing education (CE) opportunities to expand the potential treatment options they can provide and to deliver improved care for their patients.  There are many options available, and choosing between onsite vs. online orthodontic courses can be a challenging decision. Each format…

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5 Reasons You Need a GP Orthodontic Course, Even If You Refer

GP orthodontics course

How GP Ortho Courses Benefit Your Practice, Even When You Refer Out General dentist orthodontic courses are among the best professional development choices a dentist can make. They can let you offer some orthodontic treatments instead of referring them out, increasing your practice’s potential income.  However, there are some reasons that motivate dentists to try…

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Get the Ortho Training You Need and More Through the AOS

Best ortho courses for general dentists

Not all orthodontic courses are the same. Today, orthodontic courses for general dentists offer a way to add treatment options to your practice. However, not every course can provide the outcome you’re looking for. Where other ortho courses fall behind, American Orthodontic Society courses give you everything you need to develop your practice. Ortho Courses…

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Don’t Be Fooled by “Fast-Track” Orthodontic Classes

Fast-track orthodontic classes

4 Reasons Fast-Track Orthodontic Classes May Not Be Right for You Orthodontic training courses can be a tremendous asset for general dentists looking to provide more treatment options. However, dentists should know that choosing the right course is critical to their results. While fast-track orthodontic classes might seem convenient at the time, they can’t deliver…

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You’ve Completed an Orthodontics Course—Now What?

How to get started in general practice orthodontics

How To Implement Your Ortho Knowledge It’s not always an easy decision to take orthodontics courses because of the time and financial commitment. But once you’ve made the decision, you want to make it worthwhile back in your practice. Most dentists come out of a professional orthodontics course with boosted confidence from all the new…

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Boost Patient Satisfaction with a Hands-On Workshop for Orthodontic Assistants and Hygienists

Orthodontic assistants and hygienists course

Is your team trained to support your orthodontics patients? The demand for orthodontic treatment is literally off the charts in the U.S. Many general and pediatric dentists are incorporating orthodontics into their practice to take advantage of this demand. This naturally increases the need for orthodontic assistants and hygienists who have specialized knowledge about orthodontic…

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